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Gold production in Uganda and DRC starts with breaking the ground or rock into smaller particles. At the mill, it is crushed using crushers
We deals not only in selling gold but also in supply of quality timber in East African region and we also supply all quantities of timbers depending on your project
Cancer is one the most expensive diseases to treat and that is why we directed our support and help towards the cancer patients

What We Do

Gold Mining

We extract accumulated gold in placers deposits in Democratic Republic of Congo (D.R.C) and Uganda

Timber Logging

We deal in tree cutting, processing and moving them out of the forests to market ares. This is done legally.

Gold Extraction

For the extracted gold ores, we have the best and cheapest methods to process them into a much valued gold

Buying Gold and Timber

Not all the time we mine or log, we at times buy from those who acquired gold or timber in the rightful ways.


We mastered the game and we know and use the most secure transportation systems of gold to the market places


It could not look great working with different communities and don’t give back, we help cancer patients..


 If you need to speak to us about Gold mining, exploration and exportation in Uganda or D.R. Congo, timber exportation and other minerals such as copper. Fill in the form below and we will get back to you within the same working day.
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