African Countries to Buy Gold from

African Countries to Buy Gold from

Top 7 Best African Countries to Buy Gold from in 2024

Gold business with no doubt one of the most lucrative investment areas one may engage in. But before you embark on the journey to invest in this kind of business, first, you need to know where your products will be bought or obtained from.

Africa is one key source of gold to most investors in gold business in the world. There is a significant number of African countries rich in gold. This articles looks deep into the African gold market –get to know the top African countries for you to buy gold from.

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The top 5 best African Countries to Buy Gold from;


Ghana has for long been referred to as the “Gold Coast” and in deed, this is a true gold producing giant. If you are into gold business and wondering where to find some, then consider Ghana your one best place to go to.

It is the top location for gold investors thanks to its well-established mining sector and transparent trading environment. The beauty about the gold in Ghana is that it is pure and investors are protected by the government’s friendly policies in place. This makes it an attractive location to buy gold from.

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Uganda is notably the rising star in gold production. It is an emerging gold trading destination with promising gold market. Gold in Uganda is obtained from different regions and several more deposits have been discovered.

This presents huge gold business investment opportunities to the world investors. Purchase gold in Uganda with a trusted expert – Trade Panel International Limited (email: | Call: +256 39 322 4071).


Kenya is most popular among the stable economies in East African region and remarkably, it is becoming a gold trading hub in Africa. This is one of the most vibrant gold market destination in East Africa.

Its strategic location also positions it as a gateway for gold trade in Eastern African region.

South Africa

South Africa is a renowned historical gold producer and plays a remarkable part in the global gold market. If you are looking for quality gold, then South Africa is the right market place.

Visit Johannesburg, a renowned gold market spot in South Africa with diverse options for you to purchase this precious mineral.


Tanzania like Uganda still feature abundant gold reserves guaranteeing potential for gold business growth and investment. The country’s gold market is slowly opening, and the biggest gold producing spots include Bulyanhulu, Geita and Buzwagi, etc.


Algeria holds a remarkable 174 metric tons of gold. It is one country with the leading gold reserves on the African continent.


This features 3.94 metric tons of gold. As of 2023, it recorded an increase in gold production representing 53 percent in the first quarter of the year unlike 2022.

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