Trade Panel International Limited is not only one of the premier gold and copper producers but also leading timber producers in Africa. Our timber products come from number of quality tree species including African ebony which has a thick black hardwood and it is heavy enough to sink into the water but has a fine texture and very smooth finish when polished thus making it a few most valuable ornamental woods. When freshly cut, the sapwood of African ebony is pink in color although darkens to a pale red brown while its heartwood features a uniform jet black or rather black brown color, at times with streaks. It has a very fine texture with the grain ranging from straight to a bit interlocked or moderately curly. The luster of this wood may have an almost metallic appearance. It is very attractive and famous wood with distinct decorative uses.

Ebony is native to many countries including Southern India and Sri Lanka but Trade Panel International Limited deals in that of West Africa particularly the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).


  • Ebony has a long history of use with carved pieces been found in ancient Egyptian tombs.
  • Modern uses are largely limited to small items for instance crucifixes and musical instrument parts such as black piano and harpsichord keys, viola, violin, guitar, double bass, cello and mandolin to mention but a few. All these come from black wood.

Reasons for its demand in the market

  • Durability

The heartwood of African ebony is durable, resistant to termites attack although sometimes it is susceptible to boring beetles.

End-uses of ebony

  • Wind instrument
  • Fiber/particle boards
  • Sculptures
  • Cabinetwork/high class furniture
  • Tool handles and many others