Buying Genuine Gold

Buying Genuine Gold

The Key to Buying Genuine Gold from Uganda – Ensuring Authenticity:

When purchasing gold bullion, ensuring its authenticity is paramount. Begin by scrutinizing the manufacturer through OpenCorporates, an extensive database providing company information. You can also go ahead to check the manufacturer’s details with the London Bullion Market Association’s Gold Current list.

Validating Markings: Essential Steps for Authenticating Gold Bullion;

Once you’ve verified the manufacturer’s presence on the Gold Current list, inspect the gold bullion for essential markings:

  • Manufacturer’s name and symbol
  • Purity and weight of the gold
  • Serial number Ensure these markings align with the standards outlined by LBMA. Utilize the manufacturer’s website to cross-reference symbols if needed.

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Ensuring Quality: Identifying Genuine Gold Bullion and Coins

Before finalizing a purchase, thoroughly examine the gold bullion. For online purchases, immediately check for all required markings upon delivery. When acquiring gold coins, visit the corresponding government mint for validation.

Although some coins lack serial numbers, they may come with certificates of authenticity. For complete peace of mind, consider purchasing directly from the government’s mint.

Now equipped with these authentication techniques, you can confidently discern between real and counterfeit gold bullion and coins.

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