CHARITY cancer machine

Trade Panel International Limited extends charity services to local communities at no cost. We set up centers for hope to all cancer patients in Uganda. For about 6 years, we have been working with a group of individuals who have been privately helping cancer patients since 2014 and the fact that they have seen and or have firsthand experience in this particular field, we developed interest in offering and further impact positively on cancer challenges.

We aim at offering support to affected persons through creating cancer awareness, comprehensive care, palliative treatment, provide cancer treatment to mention but a few. Trade Panel International Limit through its charity project intends to set its impact on cancer through patient support by offering quality patient support services to affected persons and to achieve this, we plan to set up a hospital and also purchase cancer machine through lobbying funds, fundraising, donations and others.

We have established core partnerships with other key stakeholders in cancer control within and outside Africa to help coordinate cancer activities including research and treatment, cancer awareness, advocacy and others. For instance, we have partnered with the American Cancer Society that also provides many services to patients and caregivers particularly a robust collection of information that benefits all people affected by cancer regardless of the stage. Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition that promotes awareness of prostate cancer in Georgia and significance of regular screening as part of early detection process. Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition works together with clinics, urologists and hospitals to provide free screening events.