Gold Bullion

Gold bullion

What is Gold Bullion? Gold Bullion Meaning, Prices, Weight, Market Etc.

Gold bullion is typically physical gold and silver of high purity and is usually kept in the form of bars, coins, rounds and ingots. At times, the gold bullion is considered as legal tender and normally held as reserves by central banks/institutional investors.

Buying gold bullion in Uganda is easier and possible when you deal with local investor such as Trade Panel International Limited.

Take note that gold bullion can be considered as legal tender, especially in reserves by Central Banks/by institutional investors to curb inflationary effects on their portfolios over 20 percent of the gold mined is kept by Central Banks around the globe.

It is the bullions kept in reserves that the bank uses to settle international debt/stimulate the economy via gold lending.

How to buy gold bullion in Uganda?

You can buy gold bullion in Uganda through the different available criteria. An investor can purchase gold bullion online via a recognized company like Trade Panel International Ltd.

Physical form –if you intend to invest in precious metals such as gold, then you can purchase it in physical bullion or paper form. You can buy gold/silver bars or coins from a legally recognized dealers – Trade Panel International Ltd. We can safely keep it in a safe deposit box or bank.

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

The beauty about investing in gold/silver via ETFs is that investors can have access to bullion market. ETFs are generally funds that contain a collection of securities and the fund keeps track of the underlying index.

Using gold ETFs, one can obtain gold certificates/silver certificates not solely the physical bullion. The gold certificates can be exchanged for physical gold/cash at the bullion bank. You can purchase gold ETFs via us at the most affordable rates.

Future contracts

The other alternative of obtaining gold bullion by purchasing futures contract. This is an agreement to buy/sell an asset/commodity at a preset rate with the contract settling at a specific date in the future.

The advantage with gold and silver futures contracts is that you can easily commit to deliver the gold to the buyer at the contract expiry date. You the buyer won’t own gold till the delivery finally happens.

Even if you the buyer you do not want to own gold bars/coins, the contract can be sold prior to expiry date/the contract can be rolled forward into a new one.

Why opt for gold bullion?

  • When you own gold, it means that you own a physical, valuable asset which can be transferred to others.
  • Gold bullion offers stable value.
  • There is no need to closely watch gold bullions like it happen with a portfolio of stocks, mutual funds, bonds and ETFs.

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