Gold Nugget

Gold Nugget

Gold Nugget Facts, Photos, Best Price and Where to Buy Them.

A gold nugget is a naturally existing piece of native gold usually formed as a result of erosion. They have gold composition of about 75-97% and what remains can be silver deposits and some quartz. The gold nugget becomes whiter in color when the silver content is greater.

Nuggets can easily be recovered by placer mining. But they usually can also be found in residual deposits where gold-bearing veins/lodes are weathered. The nuggets also exist in the tailings piles of the previous mining operation that are left by gold mining dredges.

How Nuggets are formed?

Nuggets are gold fragments weathered out of an original lode. They usually show signs of abrasive polishing by stream action and at times feature particles of quartz or other lode matric material.

According to different studies, nuggets are said to have formed at high temperature deep underground. Other studies like the study of native gold from Arizona, US, based on lead isotopes, stated that a valuable part of the mass in alluvial gold nuggets in that area formed within the placer environment.

Raw Gold

Composition of gold nugget

Gold nuggets often comprise of 20k-22k purity which is 83-92% by mass. Purity of the gold can be assessed using the nugget colors whereby the richer and deeper the orange-yellow the higher the gold content.

Nuggets are often referred to by their fineness for instance 865 fine denotes the nugget is 865 parts per thousand in gold by mass. Usually, the impurities include copper and silver. Nuggets high in silver content comprise of the alloy electrum and chemical formation can clearly display the characteristics of the primary ore.

A huge composition of gold nuggets still exist on planet earth. In Uganda for instance, several of the country’s gold deposits haven’t been fully exploited. The country’s largest gold deposit are found in the Karamoja region, Northeastern Uganda. Other regions in Uganda also have gold deposits including Eastern, Western and Central.

Uses of gold nuggets

Gold nuggets are used in crafting a golden carrot/glistering melon for brewing. They can also be combined with gunpowder and dye to make a firework stars that bursts in a star-shaped explosion.

How much is a gold nugget worth today?

The cost of nuggets varies whereby the older ones are often more valuable considering their rarity. The value of one oz gold nugget does differ.

Are gold nuggets pure gold?

Gold nuggets purity does vary ranging from 70 percent to 95 percent. The average nugget is 90 percent pure and this is 22k. Take note that nuggets entirely aren’t pure 100% considering the way they form. During formation, they get mixed with other precious metals such as nickel, silver and copper.

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