Raw Gold

Raw Gold

Raw Gold, Types, Pictures, Prices and Where to Buy Raw Gold in Uganda:

Purchasing raw gold in Uganda/any part of the world is a distinct way to diversify your collection. Even if this is not as pure as refined gold, still it is unique.

Yes, it is possible to buy gold in its raw form and this is commonly done by collectors, jewelry makers, investors and refineries.

Types of Raw Gold;

Raw gold comes in 3 different types that is gold dust, gold flakes, and gold nuggets. Most of the raw gold weighs in average about 18k (karats) or 750 parts per 1000 in purity.

The gold nugget is smooth outsides and generally, this mineral is soft.

What else do you need to know about buying raw gold?

Gold has always been an area of investment. Gold signifies wealth and prosperity- this has been the case even during the ancient times –gold has had its worth throughout the falls of empires and recessions of modern economies.

Unlike the past, currently gold investors and dealers have a bit systematic approach to selling gold. Often, this comes in refined gold bullion in standard, pre-determined weights and sizes. But in case you are interested in raw gold, it comes in its natural beauty and uniqueness.

Basics to have in mind about raw gold;

While majority of gold bars comprise high purity, about 99.9% fineness, raw gold is not pure. It comes direct from the earth and this means it can be containing some alloys from varied metals which are normally refined to produce refined gold.

Gold in its raw form is rough and unpolished. It can be looking a little different from the gold bars and bullions that you maybe more familiar with.

Majority of the raw gold comes in flakes, dust and small pieces form. The bigger nuggets of raw gold are usually much rarer and so their cost can be higher.

Types of Raw Gold

Where to find raw gold in Uganda?

The active mining sites for gold in Uganda include Mubende, Buhweju, Busia, and Kigezi. Some of our gold also comes from some parts of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

It is easier buying raw gold from local dealers such as Trade Panel International Ltd.

Things to consider when collecting raw gold;

When purchasing gold dust with tiny gold flakes, it will require to be assayed to identify its purity prior to finalizing the price.

Our gold is assayed meaning you are 100% safe from fraudsters. Once you have decided to invest in gold, storage is key and luckily, most investors trust us thanks to our safe storage and insurance protection.

Access to gold is only for you and our team and for storage, we can do it in our store shops. Or once you have access to your minerals and you don’t have ideal storage back home, we advise that you consider storing it in the bank.

In summary, purchasing raw gold is one way to diversify your mineral collection. Raw gold comes with unique traits making it valuable. With the above information, buying raw gold in Uganda shouldn’t be a challenge.

Buy Raw Gold in Uganda:

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