Gold production in Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has increased drastically. Currently, gold accounts for 30 percent of export revenue in Uganda and about 38 percent in the DR Congo. With gold deposits that are widely distributed across Uganda and DRC, we developed interest in investing in gold mining and today, we are among the leading exporters and producers of gold in East Africa.


Trade Panel International Limited deals not only in selling gold but also in supply of quality timber in Uganda East African region. We target the local and regional market, expecting to serve about 60 percent of the market. We have the best and right timber of sizes that suit within our client construction needs. Our machinery is of up to date a reason behind our high quality timber production.

Trade Panel International Limited supplies all quantities of timbers depending on your project. In other words, we have no big or small job, simply get in touch with us and we shall get your construction project accomplished as planned.

Trade Panel International Limited is a reliable, trustworthy timber dealer that deals in timber supply and construction poles. We get you timber and wood within your needs. For construction needs, we also get you the best poles from eucalyptus trees that will suit your building needs. We buy and sell timber both retail and whole sale.


Trade Panel International Limited extends charity services to local communities at no cost. We set up centers for hope to all cancer patients in Uganda. For about 10 years, we have been working with a group of individuals who have been privately helping cancer patients since 2002 and the fact that they have seen and or have firsthand experience in this particular field, we developed interest in offering and further impact positively on cancer challenges.


Copper is one of the valuable minerals Trade Panel International Limited deals in. Our copper is mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo largely in the Copper Belt of the southern Katanga Provinces. The Katanga/Shaba copper belt in the DR Congo has a width of approximately 70km and length of 250kms between Lubumbashi and Kolwezi. Over 72 economic deposits of copper and 4 large mining centers exist here making it one of the largest world’s reserves of copper. The DR Congo copper belt includes some of the highest grade copper deposits in the globe. In some reserves, the grades are over 5 percent and ore also comprises of high grades of cobalt and holds about 34 percent of the global cobalt reserves. More large deposits still exist and yet to be explored using modern technology.

Whereas there are many companies that deal in copper production, Trade Panel International Limited is that one most outstanding, trust worthy and reliable company to deal with. We have been in this business for over 10 years and based on our experience, we rate among a few best copper producers in Africa.

Others valuable minerals that Trade Panel International Limited deals in besides gold and copper include;


Cobalt is one of the minerals that we deal in and it is extracted from the deposits in the DR Congo. Cobalt we do sell is mainly used in the manufacture of magnetic, wear resistant and high strength alloys.


Diamond is one of the a few valuable minerals mined in Africa and the DR Congo features among the leading five diamond producers. In Africa, DRC is the second largest diamond producer.


Tin in the DR Congo is mined in North Kivu.

Before gold is mined, we first carryout a significant exploration and development to determine the size of the gold deposit in a particular gold mine. The process or lifecycle of gold mine starts with exploration (1-10 years), development (this takes about 1 to 5 years), operation (10-30 years), decommissioning (1-5 years) and the post closure.

Our wood or timber is sourced from quality tree species in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). We deal in mahogany timber and we have all sizes of mahogany timber from Uganda and DRC. At Trade Panel International Limited, we have all kinds and sizes of mahogany timber that fit within your construction demands; decorative wood furniture, wood door panels, door frames, ceiling wood, sculptures, masks, kitchen units to mention but a few. From DR Congo, our timber is generated from tree species such as teak, ebony among others. In Uganda, our timber comes from tree species such as pines, eucalyptus, musizi, araucaria, terminalia, teak and cupressus to mention but a few.

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