Stages of timber processing

Our first stage of timber processing involves tree felling and only mature trees are selected to allow young ones grow. The felled trees are replaced with saplings. 

Stage two involves stacking tree trunks/logs in a store or clearing till they are required at the saw mill. This stage is mainly to allow the logs tree completely from moisture or water.

Stage three covers transportation from the store to sawmill and trucks or vehicles equipped with lifting gear. Trade Panel International Limited has 4 Lorries with 10.5 tones carrying capacity for transporting timber and products, one small truck for transporting finished products to our clients.

Stage four involves cutting the logs into boards using equipment for instance a circular saw and band saws.

Stage five is what is described as seasoning and this is a process that involves reducing water content from logs that still have excess water. The seasoned wood is used to make furniture and several other wood products including endearing stand, wooden kitchen, kitchen cabinets, in-built cupboards, decorative wood furniture, wood door panels and door frames, ceiling wood, sculptures and masks.

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