Where gold is found in Uganda and D.R.C


Most of our gold comes from various sites in Uganda and DRC. In Uganda, our gold production is done in popular mining sites of Karamoja, Busia (in eastern Uganda), Mubende and Buhweju. The Rupa Gold mine of Karamoja is an informal mine that is situated about ten kilometers north of Moroto Town in Uganda. We purchase gold extracted at Rupa mine. The dugout earth is taken to homemade containers to be washed and sieved then we transport it Kampala or Nairobi for sale.

The Buhweju-Mashonga goldmine was discovered in 1933 and its gold deposits in are found in water areas. This gold mine is located in Busia, Eastern Uganda. It consists of Banded Iron Formation and Quartz vein hosted deposits. Gold mining in Busia gold field in conducted in Mawero Parish, Butebo sub-country and has about 13 tons of gold reserves. It is the largest gold deposit in Uganda and gold extraction can be done on large scale. Modern technology is used for extracting gold in Busia gold field and mining here is done underground. In Mubende, gold mining is done in Lujinji Village, Kitumbi sub-country.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, gold mining sites include Gorumbwa Gold Mine in the northeast, Agbarabo Gold Mines and Durba Gold Mines in the northeast.